Bonus Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise noted, all bonus products, services, and offerings are given on an as-is basis and for your use only.  We assume no liability, loss-of-income, damage, or otherwise from your use of our bonus website or its products, services, and offerings. Further, we cannot always guarantee access as website / hosting / program issues could happen.

Some bonuses are copyrighted / registered / have royalty protection and cannot be copied, duplicated, or used in any way without the consent of the author or creator. For The Online MBA, we grant our customers a limited license to offer it without change as a Bonus to their offerings or affiliate promotions.  We also grant our customers Commercial Rights for the Autoresponder Sequences and Follow-Up Emails.

For the Weekly Support Bonus Sessions:  We will strive to make this happen but cannot guarantee weekly sessions or that the online meeting technology will work.   Some meetings may get postponed, cancelled, or end early with or without notice and can't guarantee that your question will be answered as we help people on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please note:  these support sessions are done voluntarily, last approximately 1 hour, and in an open online format.  In addition, we are NOT experts in all things and will only provide guidance as best as we can.  We may not understand your particular issue or circumstance for a variety of reasons or have the expertise that you require.  We assume no liability from a loss-of-income, damage, or otherwise from these sessions.  You partake at your own risk and by participating in these sessions you agree to allow recordings, editing, use, and posting of these sessions online.  

We will design 1 Custom Funnel Flow Diagram based on your answers in the Partner Support Area and offer revisions within reason (at our discretion).  Although you may have multiple business objections and goals, we will only create one Custom Funnel Flow Diagram based on your main goal and process.  Revision requests must come in writing via email or the Partner Support Area.  Per your inputs, we will try to interpret and present the details of your desired flow, goal(s), and process but cannot guarantee that this will be the correct funnel or structure for your business or idea success.  It is your ultimate responsibility to verify, decide upon, create, implement, and manage whatever funnel or flow works best for you and you assume all risk whether or not you choose to model or implement the presented Custom Funnel Flow Diagram in its entirety or piecemeal.  We assume no liability from any loss-of-income, damage, or otherwise from your use of the Custom Funnel Flow Diagram.  It may take 24-48 hours (or longer) for completion of your Custom Funnel Flow Diagram.  

Please note:  Bonus access is only granted for verified purchases via our affiliate partner links or as long as you are actively paying for services (if monthly/etc...).  Weekly Support Bonus Sessions will not be available for customers who cancel or request a refund on any purchased affiliated service or product supporting this bonus.

Last, we are not tax or financial advisors. You should speak with your personal advisor for any issues / guidance relating to taxes, your financial situation, or otherwise.